A Virtual Live Mystic Journey Led By Sri Preethaji

Experience a revolutionary transformation with Sri Preethaji’s virtual live mystic journey, The New 5 Awakenings. Unlock your consciousness potential as you are led through five different awakenings that provide a taste of immortal states of bliss and oneness.

In a world full of chaos and division, it’s time to awaken beyond the superficial and discover the magnificence of your consciousness. The New 5 Awakenings is a virtual journey that wipes the dirt off your consciousness and brings unperturbed peace and flows to your life.

There are four experiences on your spiritual journey- a breakthrough, a transformation, an awakening, and enlightenment. The New 5 Awakenings offers all four and more. Experience a breakthrough by conquering your problems and finding solutions. Transform your disconnection and become more connected. Awaken to the present and come alive. And, finally, conquer the illusion of self and become one with all existence in enlightenment.

The journey starts with the first awakening of Cosmic Consciousness, connecting you to the force of the universe. The second awakening is Body Intelligence, where you awaken to the extraordinary spiritual intelligence within your body. The third awakening is Heart Intelligence, where you respond from a space of deep inner silence and blissfulness. The fourth awakening is Flow Intelligence, where your consciousness flows unattached to any bank, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. Finally, the fifth awakening is Transcendental Intelligence, where you move beyond the ordinary states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping to the fourth.

The New 5 Awakenings is a journey that empowers and equips you to face the world’s current challenges and bring about transformation, not just in your life but also in the lives of those around you. Join Sri Preethaji on this virtual journey to awaken your true self and live a life beyond pretension.

“I wish I had learned about living in a beautiful state earlier in my life as it is a transformational practice”


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