09 – 12 NOVEMBER 2023

Welcome to Field of Awakening – Freedom is Now, a four-day live spiritual journey led by Sri Preethaji.

Are you seeking answers to the big questions in life? Do you want to awaken to freedom from your most addictive states of mind and transform into an awakened wealth creator, an awakened parent, an awakened partner, and an awakened self? If so, Field of Awakening is the spiritual journey for you.

You will discover new insights, helpful meditations, and mystical processes with a scientific base during this journey. The core of this powerful journey is a three-fold awakening in which three dimensions of your consciousness become enlivened.

First, you will see through the matrix of the mind and heal your childhood wounds. You will experience the awakened child within you and awaken to the power of universal intelligence as the great healer.

Second, you will cut through the veil of fear and negative karma and become an awakened wealth creator. You will awaken to the power of the universal intelligence as the giver and become initiated into becoming a Deeksha giver.

Third, you will break the chains of disconnection in your partnered relationships, realize the essence of being a parent, and become an awakened partner and an awakened parent. You will awaken to the universal intelligence as the protector.

Fourth, you will open to the greater mysteries of consciousness, set yourself free, and become an awakened self. You will enter the limitless field of consciousness with Sri Preethaji to manifest external abundance and internal awakening.

What makes Field of Awakening unique is that it offers spiritual wisdom for mundane issues of life. It brings forth the power of your consciousness to address everyday challenges and awaken purpose in your daily experiences. You will untangle the knots of the past in deep spiritual processes to unleash the power to create an extraordinary present and future.

Experience the Limitless Field, a powerful meditation every day with Sri Preethaji to awaken to enlightenment experience. Join us for this life-changing journey of awakening over just four days and bring the mundane and transcendental together to live a complete life.


Sri Preethaji is a philosopher and a modern-day sage. During the Field Of Awakening course, she teaches you the ultimate power – the power of an expanded state of consciousness through wisdom, deep insights and The Limitless Field, a powerful meditation. Sri Preethaji leads you into experiencing expanded states of consciousness. Her presence has the power to make calm, connected and creative states of consciousness your personal and lasting experience.